Cover Note from the Editors (2024)

Dear Reader, 

York College of Pennsylvania students working in the History and Political Science Department are diverse in their curiosities and it’s incredibly exciting to have a volume that reflects that strength. Uniting those unique papers under one cover, though, meant we had to consider major themes while retaining each author’s individuality. So, we took some inspiration from the classic Eyewitness Discovery books to craft a cover that’s like a scrapbook for American policies. The objects on the cover each connect to a paper in this volume, which you’ll see on the title page for the corresponding paper. The colors pop and demand your attention. Reading this volume will make you an eyewitness to the breadth of American policies and their consequences.

Here are image credits for objects that weren’t under Creative Commons:

Orange pin: “Pin 039,” Activist Pin & Button Exhibit [c. 1970-2018], from the Archives & Special Collections Department, E. H. Butler Library, the Madeline Davis LGBTQ Archive of Western New York, Digital Commons of Buffalo State SUNY.

Modelo Six-pack: “Modelo Especial 6 pack bottles,” Surdyk’s of Minneapolis, MN,

Analysis and criticism are healthy markers of an informed nation. Read and see how York College students contribute to that more perfect union. 

Thank you,

Alaina Crowell & Connor Kline

Spring Semester Editors