Past and Present 2022

Board of Editors

Keely Bluett

Rebekah Dodson

Ian Miller

Ty Schumacher

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Ilana Krug and Dr. Jacqueline Beatty

Department Chair: Dr. John Altman


Table of Contents

The Developing Role of the Plantation Mistress: 1861-1865

Jenna Cholowinski

The Influence of Sex Education on Teen Pregnancy Rates

Caleb Doyle

Social Media Warfare: The Final Frontier

Joseph Falk

Fear and Resentment: The Southern Reaction to Uncle Tom’s Cabin Before and After the Civil War

Daniel Petschauer

“The War We Won”: The CIA’s Involvement in Laos, 1961-1973

Stephen Strausser

An Analysis on International Climate Law: Past, Present, and Future

Cecily Widmann