Cover Note from the Editors (2023)

Dear Reader,

            To say the world has been extremely chaotic in the past few years might be an understatement. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many devastating world events and political controversies. The students here at York College have expressed their investment in such topics through their research papers, some of which are featured in this publication. 

Many of these topics and events are also the subject of political protests. The cover design reflects this in the banner of protest-related photos specific to the topics covered in this year’s Past & Present articles. Such topics include mass shootings, environmental concerns, and the War on Terror, amongst others. These images are placed on a backdrop featuring the United States Capitol, intended to represent both the national nature of these debates as well as the connection many of these papers have to policies created by our nation’s legislature. 

The back cover features additional protest photos. These photos come from the York College Archives and depict YCP students participating in protests in the 1970s against the war in Vietnam and protests against institutional policies restricting students’ freedom of expression through their appearance. York College students have a history of activism in many forms in the 20th and 21st centuries. From protests staged on or around campus to the research papers currently being written by our students, we hope to show how our college experience encourages and prepares students to engage with difficult topics, express their beliefs, and contribute to society at large.

Thank you,

Jason Bratcher & Sydney Slack, 

Spring Semester Editors