Faculty and Editors

Dr. Ilana Krug, Faculty Advisor, Past and Present

Dr. Krug specializes in late medieval England, particularly fourteenth-century English social, economic, political and military history, and broadly investigates the impact of war, natural disasters, taxation and corruption on the peasantry. She has published articles focusing on the social and economic effects of war logistics in the opening years of the Hundred Years’ War, as well as on the use of honey in military medicine, and is presently working on an interdisciplinary book dealing with the role of honey in medieval England.

B.A. (English Medieval Studies, History, and Classical Archaeology): Brandeis University (1996)

M.A. (Art History): Rutgers University (1999)

M.A. Medieval Studies): University of Toronto (2000)

PhD (Medieval Studies): University of Toronto (2006)

Courses Taught: The Black Death, The Vikings, Medieval Military History, The European Witch Craze, The Middle Ages in Film, Medieval Civilization, Greece and Rome Exposed

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications:
“Food, Famine, and Edward II’s Military Failures” Journal of Medieval Military History 16 (2018): 63-77.

“Feeding Mars: Military Purveyance in the Long Fourteenth Century” in Fourteenth Century England vol. 10, ed. Gwilym Dodd (Boydell, 2018), 67-88.

“The Wounded Soldier: Honey and Late Medieval Military Medicine” in  Wounds and Wound Repair in Medieval Culture, eds. Kelly DeVries and Larissa Tracy (Brill, 2015), 194-214.

“The Fisher Antiphonary: A Gilded Window onto the Strozzi and Late Fifteenth-Century Florentine Politics,” Digital Philology 2:1 (2013): 113-35.

Dr. Jacqueline Beatty, Faculty Advisor, Department Website

Jacqueline Beatty is Assistant Professor of History at York College of Pennsylvania, where she teaches courses in early American, women’s, digital and public history. She received her doctorate from George Mason University in 2016, her Master’s degree from Villanova University in 2012, and her Bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 2010. Her current manuscript project is based on her dissertation, which was a finalist for the 2017 SHEAR Manuscript Prize. Most recently, she has written book reviews for the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography and the Journal of Southern History, and her forthcoming (Summer 2019) article, “Privileged in the Patriarchy: How Charleston Wives Negotiated Financial Freedom in the Early Republic,” will appear in the South Carolina Historical Magazine

Student Editors

Fall 2018 – Emma Blottenberger (History Major, ’19) and Cody Little (Political Science Major, ’19)

Spring 2019 – Brian Miller (History Major, ’20) and Destiny Duncan (Political Science Major)

Spring 2023 – Jason Bratcher (Intelligence Analysis Major, ’23) and Sydney Slack (History & Forensic Chemistry Major, ’24)